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Wildest and best places to visit in Uganda.

Uganda, the pearl of Africa is one of Africa’s most beautiful places to explore. Described as the pearl of Africa, Uganda has some of the most notable wildest destinations not found elsewhere in the world, including 10 national parks and 11 game reserves well distributed across all regions of Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable forest a habitat for half of the mountain gorillas in the world, Kyambura gorge and Kibale forest with the chimpanzees and other primates, Kidepo national park with the rare cheetahs among others. Uganda is also home to shimmering lakes and rivers including famous River Nile, the longest river in the world and Lake Victoria, which is a largest fresh water lake in Africa.

Uganda being a country blessed with nature, presents a myriad of wildest and unspoilt destinations for travelers to visit and admire. These places are typically untouched many refer to them as one of the most beautiful and naturally diverse in Africa and world over.
Mgahinga gorilla national park. Sharing borders with neighboring Rwanda and Congo, Mgahinga is the country’s smallest national park and also one of the naturally diverse destinations in the region. The park is home to three of the eight ‘Virunga mountains; a chain of active and extinct Volcanic mountains that cross the border, which include Mount Gahinga, Sabinyo, and Muhabura. Mgahinga national park is a cozy destination that prides to shelter one of Uganda’s rarest and most sought after wilderness experiences including mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, forest nature walks and the Batwa trail experience.
 Kidepo valley national park, “true African wilderness” – this park is a gem and wilderness paradise in Uganda.  Kidepo valley national park is located in north eastern Uganda and also one of the 10 major conservation areas of Uganda. The park was established in 1958 and it is under the management of Uganda wildlife authority. 
Kidepo national park is perched in unexploited environment with typically a virgin and incredible culture of the native Karamojong. Some of the activities one can engage in include scenic game drives, birding, nature walks, hiking and Karamojong cultural experience.
A visit to Kidepo gives unparalleled views of incredible savannah plains and assurance to sight resident Lions, leopards, ostrich, cheetah, herds of Buffaloes and antelopes. Ostriches and cheetahs can only be found in this park. The birdlife in Kidepo is superb because of the presence of some rare species that are endemic to this park such as the Black-breasted barbe and Karamoja apalis.
Semliki national park in western Uganda is a diverse beautiful and ancient protected area unlike elsewhere in Uganda. As one comes down the escarpment of the western Albertine rift valley, the views of the vast savannah are stunning, Ntoroko plains and montane forests inspired by the Rwenzori Mountains offer an unequalled wilderness experience. The valley is a paradise for native Ituri Batwa pygmies, lowland chimpanzees, elephants, the famous hot springs and abundant species of birds that are endemic to Albertine rift.

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