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Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park, Uganda. 

Uganda has a number of endangered wildlife that can be visited in her numerous protected areas, including the Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, the big cats, golden monkeys, Rhinos and many others. Therefore if you are there, still pondering over trekking some of the highly endangered primates, then Uganda is making your dream come true by offering you this chance to meet them in their natural habitat.
Uganda and Rwanda are the only countries in East Africa that offer endless opportunities to trek the Golden monkeys in East Africa and this incredible adventure can be done in Mgahinga gorilla national park and Volcanoes national park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively.
The reason why they are called golden monkeys is because of their outstanding attractive patch on their back and flanks that resembles a piece of gold. The golden monkeys are very playful and move faster from tree to tree making it hard to photograph if one is not steady and pretty fast.
These unique monkeys are found in the Virunga mountain range on the side of Uganda and Rwanda. They normally live in troops (a large number of golden monkeys) and they occupy lower slopes of the mountains that is covered with bamboo forest because they feed on the bamboo shoot.
So far there is only one group of Golden monkeys that is habituated in Mgahinga Gorilla national Park and is available for trekking and research purposes. Golden monkey trekking begins at 8 am where by you have to be at the starting point earlier for the briefing from the rangers then after you start trekking session to the bamboo forest. These monkeys are used to people so they are not shy, therefore do not expect them to run away from you, rather they will be joyful to see you by jumping on the tree branches hence entertaining their guests. When you meet these beautiful and unique creatures, you are given not less than one hour to enjoy their movements and also to take pics.
You can pair the golden monkey trekking with other activities in this park since the experience only takes 3 hrs, therefore to enjoy and get a classic wilderness experience in Mgahinga national park accompany golden monkey trekking with other activities, like gorilla trekking, cultural tour to Batwa pygmies, birding, nature/forest walks, volcanic climbing and many others.
Golden monkey trekking in Uganda will reward you with a view of the beautiful color of these species, their long golden hair, mixed into the long black limbs which gives them a really gorgeous look. Golden monkey trekking is not as hectic as trekking mountain gorillas since they stay in the lower mountain slopes within the bamboo vegetation, unlike the mountain gorillas which tend to stay deep in the jungles.                        
Golden Monkey trekking is an adventurous activity you have to experience on your safari to Uganda because these are very rare and elusive species.

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