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A gem to behold - Pian Upe Wildlife reserve:

Pian Upe Wildlife reserve is a protected area located in the sub-region of northeastern Uganda in Karamoja. This reserve is now under the management of Mt. Elgon conservation area and occupies an area of about 2,788 square kilometers. It is covered with unspoiled grass land and wooded savannah.
The reserve headquarters are located along the Mbale-Moroto road covering 90 kilometers from Mbale town and 11 Km north of this reserve’s Northern boundary. Reaching at this point, you can now be in a position of finding the entry point to the game reserve’s headquarters after crossing the trading center (Chepsukunya) and nearly takes 2 hours drive.
It is a home to several species of wildlife and vegetation which attract regular visitors in this reserve coming from different corners of the world during their wildlife safari in Uganda. Pian Upe wildlife reserve is composed of very many mammal species like lion, black rhinos, elephants, giraffe, and zebra, Hartebeest, Buffaloes and Oribi, and several others. It is among the few places where one can observe Rothschild’s giraffe.

Pian Upe wildlife reserve is a habitat to very unique bird species that makes it an ideal place for birding safaris in Uganda for avid birders. This place is blessed with some of the rare birds like great hartlaub’s bustard, Jackson hornbill and white headed buffalo weaver. These bird species are permanent residents in the Loporokocho swamp and therefore can be watched any time of the year.
Visitors also have a chance to sight at various primates such as Olive baboons, vervet monkeys playing with their young ones, offering an unimaginable primate tour in Uganda. This reserve is also acting as a home to the tremendous rock pythons and it is a habitat to the largest lizards known as savannah monitors.
In Africa many national parks and wild life reserves have their best time of visit, Pian Upe is not an exception. The good times to do a wildlife tour at this reserve is January to March, in this period the vegetation is  dry and you clearly view animals gathered at various water sources and this makes game driving easier.
Travelers are given a chance to do guided nature walks and traverse the reserve, and this is a great way of getting up close to the wilderness for sightseeing. In this activity you are able to see some bird and animal species grazing freely in their natural habitat.
A visitor to Pian Upe wildlife reserve in Uganda can also do mountain climbing to the less challenging slopes of Mt. Kadam.
Visiting Pian Upe wildlife reserve gives you a chance of encountering with the neighboring communities native to this area. This helps learn about their culture, history, traditional dances, art and craft that you can also take part in.
Since this reserve experiences a hot climate and mostly when the wind blows, it is literally hot. You are requested to park light clothes when visiting this place. However, it gets very chilly at night so you are advised to carry warm clothes plus wide brimmed hat in order to be protected from the scotching sun.
There are optional sleeping facilities, including non-self-contained safari tents and the self-contained cottages. On your trip to Pian Upe wildlife reserve you can decide to sleep at Sipi falls because there are many lodges and it takes 1-2 hours’ drive to the reserve.
Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is a remarkable preserved area in Uganda that provides travelers with an amazing wildlife safari experience. Never miss to enjoy a fantastic wildlife safari experience this gem holds for the world. Come and spend an unmatched safari holiday in Uganda with in the soft spoken Pian Upe wildlife reserve that you will never regret.

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