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Rwanda is a landlocked which lies along the East and West rift valleys of central east Africa. It is neighbored by Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the North, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and Burundi to the South. The country is one of the smallest in Africa covering an area of around 26,338 km². Kigali is the capital city but a lot of people live on the small farm lands spread across the well-known ‘’land of a thousand hills’’. Rwanda is relatively hilly with beautiful savannah and montane forest landscape.
The remarkable Rwanda has a lot to offer to her visitors who intend to take tours within its tropical jungles, Bamboo forests, volcanoes and savannahs. A wildlife tour in Rwanda is not complete without visiting the renowned endangered Mountain gorillas, viewing at least 11 money species, chimpanzees, lions, Giraffes, Elephants and numerous bird species.
Nyungwe forest national park is the only park in Rwanda where one can spot man’s closest relative, the chimpanzees and it has got other 13 primate species including the handsome L’hoest’s monkey plus over 250 species of birds. Nyungwe national park has 15 well maintained trails teeming with flora and fauna which offers spectacular views of afro montane forests, deep valleys and mountain ridges. The forest is one of the largest montane forests in East Africa and the most ancient dating back before the last ice age and it is found in the majestic hills of the southern Rwanda. It has a unique rich center of flora and it has more than 200 different species of trees and colorful orchids, many other flowering plants including the famous giant lobelia.
Akagera national park has the best amazing scenery which is comprised of plains, valleys, hills and wetlands. During a safari to Rwanda, travelers that visit Akagera get opportunities to explore riverine vegetation, thick forests, open grassland and many others. Within Akagera National Park there are 6 lakes and they accommodate reptiles like the giant crocodiles and over 50 water birds and school of hippos. It has abundant wildlife including the one of the biggest antelopes in the world, the Eland and roan antelopes and others which include the African elephants, Burchelli’s zebras, Masaai giraffe, cape buffalos and many others. Travelers can be lucky and spot the leopard, hyena and wild cat or lion hunting.  Every tourist interested in wildlife tours in Rwanda, Akagera national park is the perfect option.
Volcanoes national park is extremely impressive with a group of five volcanoes spanning from mount Gahinga to mount Karisimbi covered with rich green rainforest vegetation. This park is one of the oldest parks on the African continent and it is found in the far northwestern region of Rwanda. It is the only park in Rwanda that shelters the rare mountain gorillas and home to gorilla safaris in Rwanda. However it also accommodates other wildlife such as Forest Elephants, Golden monkeys, Duikers, buffaloes and porcupines.
Though gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park remains the highlight activity, the park has several other activities that include mountain climbing, nature walks, Dian Fossey tomb visit, golden monkey trekking and many others.

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