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Tips to know before travelling to Uganda for a safari. 

It is not good to just travel to a country without any knowledge about it, it's exciting and frustrating especially when you think of Uganda because little is known about it as a safe safari destination, Uganda is gifted by nature with a diversity of wildlife, birds, verdant flora and friendly people that is why it is called the Pearl of Africa.

Below are tips you need to know before undertaking a Safari to Uganda.

The government in 2016 authorized that all visitors entering Uganda have to be with yellow fever vaccine card and the proof has to be presented at the Ugandan entry and exit points. Therefore if it is your first time to travel to Uganda make sure to first get a vaccination of yellow fever from the country of your country a week before taking on your trip. 
Antimalarial medications are highly recommended and mosquito repellents are advised to be packed for malaria prone areas in Uganda. 
As per the Ugandan law, one has to get an entry visa before making any plans to Uganda.This can be purchased from any Ugandan embassy abroad or upon  arrival at the Entebbe international airport, at a cost of 50$ per person and 100$ for a single tourist visa that covers countries, including Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. There's also a simplified option of online visa application, where one can apply, buy and acquire visa online.
Before coming to Uganda, one has to make plans for accommodation in advance. The pearl of Africa has all the ranges of accommodation options that suit your business or leisure travel needs. The Uganda hotel industry has grown and still developing from 1 star to 5 star hotels. It all depends on your choice.
If your trip is scheduled in February, June, August, December be ready to experience hot and dry weather with temperatures ranging from 16-27 degrees Celsius. Bring sun grasses and light clothes during this season. The remaining months like March, may, September and November are the wet season periods, so if your trip falls in these months kindly carry a rain jackets, tough boots and warm clothing. Before traveling to Uganda make sure to check which weather to expect.
Make sure to plan your trip ahead in order to avoid last minute interruptions.
A planned ahead trip moves smooth because it enables your tour organizer to book the tracking permits and reserve all accommodation facilities. 
In Uganda, most banks accept visa debit cards, though few banks allow master cards, however carry some extra cash but in case you want to withdraw ask your local tour organizers to show you which bank accepts the master card and other cards for that matter. 
For foreign cash exchanges, Uganda has a number of Forex bureaus that can exchange for you at a good rate. However before exchanging first check the standard rate online. Please note dollar notes below $100 are exchanged at lower rates meaning carry notes more to $100 and also carry notes issued in 2006 and later.
Uganda is an English speaking country but still you can learn to speak some native Ugandan words like thanking and greeting people because Uganda is characterized with more than 50 tribes and they feel appreciated if identified in their local language. However some of the most spoken languages include Luganda in central, Runyakitara in the west and most people can speak Kiswahili. 
Take a safari to Uganda and enjoy the melodies of her endless wonders, verdant vegetation and a myriad of cultures.

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