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Trekking the golden monkeys is another special activity that is done in volcanoes national park. The Golden monkey is a local sub-specie of the widespread Sykes monkey, also known as the blue monkey and is endemic to the high altitude forests of the volcanoes national park area.
The monkeys are playful inquisitive and often spend their time jumping from bamboo branches or playing happily on the forest floor.

The golden monkeys are habituated, meaning that they are used to human beings and will not run away when approached by the visitors.          
The volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Mgahinga national park in Uganda protect, provide shelter to the endangered golden monkeys which have been habituated to form a ground for golden monkey tracking in Rwanda and Uganda. The golden monkeys are among the rare primates, and they have been listed as extremely endangered. It is a lifetime encounter to view these impressive species as they leap from the branches of the bamboo. Golden monkeys are small in size, get their name from the long golden hair on their backs and move around the bamboo forest like they are court jesters. Golden Monkey trekking in both Uganda and Rwanda takes abit of effort but it’s easier than Gorilla trekking and enjoy your time with charismatic monkeys of Uganda and Rwanda.
The habituated groups are two and each has 80-100 members and has its home at the foot of Mt. Sabyinyo. In recent years more and more visitors that come for mountain gorilla trekking tours also take time for Golden Monkey trekking in volcanoes National park in Rwanda. The trekking of the golden Monkeys begins in the morning just like the mountain gorillas. The trekkers are given the opportunity to view the golden monkeys for one complete hour.

Unlike the mountain gorillas, the number of participants for the day’s golden Monkey tracking encounter is not limited. The trekking in Rwanda starts at Kinigi park headquarters at 7:00am and one is required to secure a golden Monkey permit at $100 per permit per person. The Golden Monkey permit can be secured way back in advance through a trusted travel agent or can be got at the volcanoes park headquarters on the morning of tracking  

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