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Toro area in western Uganda has one of the highest concentration of crater lakes in the whole world. The photogenic explosions in the rolling hills give the landscape a pastoral flair. Some of the craters are glaring with clean water and others are covered with lush green vegetation.
This region has a total of 86 crater lakes paired with vegetated calderas and surrounded by the mighty and great Virunga and Rwenzori Mountain ranges. It’s believed that these crater lakes were formed in extremely violent volcanic explosions about 10000 years back and most of the craters are now extinct. However some of them still release sulphur smell, meaning they still have some molten lava just about 10 kilometers beneath them and could explode any time again, though most likely not during your safari in Uganda.
The Toro Crater Lake region is made up of small craters in the back drop of Fortportal town. This tourism destination is highly recommended especially if you are looking for a peaceful and affordable holiday amidst wildlife in the rural parts of Uganda, or something like a revitalized vacation safari in Africa.
Not only are there good array of cheap campsites and luxurious lodges situated on the banks of numerous lakes teeming with wildlife, but also each of these campsites has something different to offer. Whether to hike to the nearby waterfalls, close encounters with troops of monkeys or nature walks in the surrounding area, you’ll be most assured of enjoyment during your stay near these crater lakes.
The crater fields known as Ndali – Kasenda crater field in the south and Fort portal crater field in the north west of the town rank number one. These craters are unique in every aspect and with an impressive panoramic setting.
The Ndali - Kasenda field is an extensive crater area that formed about 10000 years ago and consisting of 60 permanent and seasonal freshwater lakes. These lakes are very beautiful, the surrounding countryside contains birds, monkeys, butterflies and other limitless opportunities for exploration.
The Crater lake trail takes in the Kibale forest park, Queen Elizabeth national park and the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. There are different countless activities along the crater lake trail including chimpanzee trekking, birding, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and many more.
If you are interested in having close encounters with monkeys, you should try staying at the Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve. It’s a very amazing spot and a good place to watch monkeys.

Other explosion craters in Uganda.

Elsewhere, the Bunyaruguru craters near Queen Elizabeth national Park located on the Kichwamba escarpment of the Western Rift near Queen Elizabeth Park also form a beautiful scenery. Lake Nkugute is a beautiful crater lake that is visible from the Mbarara-Kasese road, however there are about 20 crater lakes found here and also many dry craters. There are also view-points where you can see the Kichwamba Rift valley and the savanna endless plains of Queen Elizabeth national Park.

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