Wednesday, 30 May 2018


The reptile village is a community based organization located along Kampala-Entebbe highway at Abaita Ababiri. It is found on a hectare of land just 4km off the main road to Entebbe airport.
The reptile village was started in 2003 when the area was bushy and less developed, until the owner Yasin Kazibwe a reptile expert and also because of his interest in conservation of reptiles started to work on the land for introduction of the reptiles.

The village has over 20 reptile species on display but in total it has rescued an estimate of over 50 reptiles from being killed or when they are injured.
The village has some of the world’s deadliest snakes, including the vipers, cobras, chameleons, crocs and lizards. This is done for their conservation and educating the community about the various species of reptiles not forgetting its significance of reminding the communities that nature and the environment ought to be protected.
A short safari in Entebbe or Kampala towns can offer a golden opportunity to come close to some of the unique resident reptiles here, which include Boomslangs, Skinks, monitor lizards of course chance of touching and spending time with Africa’s most poisonous snake Gaboon viper. Other unique species of the tortoise.
What is more amazing about this site is that it is conveniently located, just on the gate way to the country, and so can act as a quick sneak peek of exploration before heading out to the national parks for further wildlife tours in Uganda.
Other wonderful activities that one can enjoy while at the reptile village include sport fishing and a 3km canoe cruising, not forgetting the wet land walk to explore the reptile village in details and having an experience of getting a view of different bird species as well as resident primates like monkeys.
The reptile village has one of the iconic snake species that doesn’t bite but feeds on eggs only, called
the egg eating snake, the gentle and peaceful tortoises which are children favorites at the village as well as sighting the beautiful three horned chameleon.

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