Monday, 13 March 2017



Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda cannot be labelled a desert, but has a lot to offer to its people and even visitors who are hospitably welcomed as tourists. A country gifted by nature, with so much thrilling adventures and attractions; the diversity of its beauty emanates from partially its enticing naturalist being.
Rwanda is truly “The land of a Thousand Hills”, in the heart of Africa, is full of the wonders of nature. With landscapes ranging from high peaks. These hills hinder human settlement and are settlement for animals.

Rwanda’s wildlife is sensational and, because of current conservation programs in Rwanda, stocks are increasing annually. Tourists come from all over the world to see Mountain Gorillas. In all areas of the country the flora is impressive: whether it is the high montane forest or grass covered river banks, the beauty of the plants and flowers will overwhelm you.
Discover Rwanda and you have discovered spectacular. With a sizeable part of the country now protected through national parks and conservation areas, visitors have the choice of great wildlife safaris, trekking Gorillas in the mountains. Whether you are out to explore or simply to relax, Rwanda's natural attractions will leave you touched by Africa's magic spell. The animal and plant life in Rwanda is a diverse lot.
During rainfall seasons, the green sprout all over and also animals emerge in the seasoned times. Chimpanzees, Gorilla and so much are visible with the friendly green lush nature. 

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