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Ugandan Leopard

The bravely dotted skinned cat animal in the Ugandan jungles gives a massive magnificent view of the second among the big five animals in Uganda.

The Uganda Leopard comes second to the king Lion and is adorable to those that come in through during different tours and safaris to Ugandan tourism destinations. To those that get an opportunity to see these exciting animals, they can tell an everlasting story of what they indeed make of these animals.
Generally in Uganda, leopards can be found in most national parks but usually hard to see during the day. In case you saw one, it would be a dubbed miraculous blessing since they enjoy hiding and keeping to their leap.

Within a group or a leap of leopards, be assured of a mother, with two or three cubs around them. It’s evidenced that the young cubs stay with the family till 18 month to 24 month of age elapse and are strong enough, intelligent enough and have learnt how to hunt on their own with the instincts instilled in them plus the learnt lessons from the male and female leopards.
Even though they are scarce in sight, the Leopards can be most regularly seen along the channel track of Queen Elizabeth National Park one of the most profound tourism destinations in Uganda.
Like the lion, the leopards have a scientific name and they are called the Panthera Pardus. Africa is still one of the largest continent by which reservations are made for the existence of the marvelous creatures. In countries outside Africa, these are so much endangered since they have become resources to people in making money among others.
The most characteristics of these animals:
Tracing or identifying a leopard is so hard and in most cases gives a hard time to people especially those that have little knowledge about them in the wild zone. The leopards can be identified by the black spots called “Rosettes” a name borrowed from the one look of a shape of a rose flower.
Light color is attributed to them with sort of brownish but leopards also have types and most commonly one is the dark leopards also taking a name the Black Panther.
Leopards are tree climbers and are great hunters in the wild zones. They usually look for antelopes, wild pigs, deer and other animal and are scare to people’s lives especially those who live along their territories.
Ranked among the strongest animals in wildlife, the leopards have the ability to stay long since they can adopt to any kind of environment for example, the desert, the mountainous areas, the grasslands, and rain forests among others. Therefore they have a long life span with a high rate of multiplicity compared to the Lions.
Cunning is also attributed to Leopards as a trait and this is usually seen during it’s hunt for food and the way it gets its prey.
In Uganda, places to find this mighty cat on a wildlife safari are: Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

Indeed on your tour to East Africa, do not afford to miss the Uganda Leopards in a humble and exciting safari in-addition to viewing the Flora and Fauna of the nighty pearl of Africa. 

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