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The Ugandan Lion

The Ugandan Lions: 

The Ugandan Lions made us into perfect strong men and strong ladies, do not miss your chance to be.
Little kids were we, the very young, charming and so innocent. Have you had kids around you? If yes then you must be thinking of how heartwarming they are. Always poking into whatever they feel they desire to know. Imagine how they tire their parents. 
In Uganda, at a tender age like 5, were we exposed to stories, those that would arouse our attention and anxiety.
Almost at a fire place, or at a moon’s night glow if you gazed in the far skies. The ancient stories of wildlife, were always being taught by our grandparents, elders among others.
Did we pretend not to listen? No! Some stories seemed like night mares but we kept listening. We wanted to learn, we wanted to be informed. The stories were so fascinating even though frightening at our tender ages.
In Uganda, the pearl of Africa is the story told of a Lion, the superficial and magnificent wild animal. The master of all animals, the supreme ruler. Do you know what it means to be supreme? Would you want to be supreme? These were always the intruding questions in our African setting during story telling.
Generally we would say yes, who wouldn’t desire to be alluded or contrasted to this mighty creature, as brave as it is. We felt great zeal, we even wanted to be taken to the zoo by then. The Ugandan lions (Panthera leo) biological name is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera among big animals living on Ugandan soils.
Even when they are dangerous big cats, the Ugandan lions are so magnificent, lovable on a glimpse of them.
Being the most respected and feared animals in the cat family, the African Ugandan Lions and specially the king lion is one of the most beautiful animal in the world. With all the lions in captivity and the lions in many parts of the world, where do you find the most beautiful lion in the world?
In fact, not any safari in Uganda is so much relevant and complete without having a glimpse of the Ugandan lions in the various national parks of Uganda and at the zoo among others.
Uganda having natural habitats with its pride consisting of several females and other young lions and their cubs as well. These dangerous beautiful animals are just at peace when they have their food in abundance in the Ugandan Savannah plains whether it is during the wildebeest animal migration or just the mid of the dry season where all animals gather at a common water hole to fill their thirst and that’s where the lion acting actions kicks in.
We loved lions and we still do. You should come and see lions. Love Uganda Safaris offers trips to different destinations in Uganda that shelter these beautiful animal species.
 Though Lion hunting across the globe has sent the numbers of the most beautiful lions in the wild to fewer numbers and efforts of preserving and conservation not taken a stand in helping save the African lions, It’s not the case with Uganda. The lion being the only cat animal which has managed to stay with its family for the survival of the pride unlike other animals or prey which normally chase their young males and females as soon as they grow up so that they can go to the wilderness and hunt food for themselves. The world's most social felines, lions usually get by with a little help from their pride mates. This is one of the reasons as to why lions have managed to rule the African plains unlike other animals of prey roaming the African natural lion habitat the case to why Uganda fights to preserving them.
Lions in the wild and specially the Ugandan lions are beautiful amazing creatures as far as the cat family and the big five is concerned. The Ugandan lion has a very strong muscular body. It’s so amazing to know for all those who have or intend to visit Uganda.
 If you saw a Ugandan lion in action, you would agree truly that the lion is not just the king of beasts but also the King of the Ugandan jungles and the rest of Africa.
 With the lion having a strong and compact body the lion with its sheer size and strength can take or hunt an animal thrice its body weight. With the lion’s powerful forelegs, the lion can strike a devastating blow to its prey and cripple it with ease. The sharp lion claws are just as razor sharp as they can tear into flesh of other animals and send them seeming in the jungle.
With such powerful jays of the lion which can be heard when echoing in the distance, finding yourself in the lions marked territory is just a mistake of any animals which crosses into the lions territory and that is just a good recipe for an eminent attack not just from the male lion but from the whole pride.
With the golden green fresh grass lashing across the Ugandan savannah plains and home to many of the greatest animals in Africa and the world at large, the lion’s yellow golden coat has made the lion to blend with its surrounding and given him cover to hunt within the required distance in order to make every lion hunt a successful. While the other young adult male lions do possess a rather shaggy mane, many lions tend to have a different kind of coat which make a lion look blond to reddish-brown, while some of the lions might have a  beautiful black mane.
Why do you think people make enormous safaris to Africa to see the lions and other animals? Well the main reason is to have a closer look and have a glimpse of these beautiful lions they see in inspirational and unique wildlife documentaries about Uganda’s tourism. Most information or content about lions someone gets is just as important to the status of lions and for its future conservation.
With a beautiful flora and fauna, the African Ugandan lions enjoy the splendor of being in their own natural habitat
With tall green and dry grasses with splashy rainy drops in a wet season, the Ugandan grass lands provide good cover for the lions which it needs in order to hunt its prey and to make that  successful kill within a close striking and hunting distance. The scattered thick bushes also make these lions blend with ease and thereby making the African Ugandan lions to be able to hunt both during the day and during the cover of darkness as well. 
Despite the fact that lions can go hungry for almost five days, these beautiful dangerous animals can keep on eating day in and day out so long as there is plenty of animals to attack and feed on and Uganda is where all this animal action is in plenty and a reason why many people keep coming over and over again to Uganda for such exiting animal safari.
The reason why you should come to Uganda is because you need to come Uganda to experience a marvelous safari with the best Safari company which is Love Uganda Safaris; with different tour packages on your bucket list ranging from the wildlife safaris, birding tours, Gorilla safaris / tours, and cultural tours in both Rwanda and Uganda.
So strong is the Ugandan lions as believed, so confident that the stories of the Ugandan lions gave we lessons to act strong even in the day to day world. We assume our rights to allude ourselves and building our characters in contrast to these beautiful animal species.
If you have not been to Uganda before, then you are missing out on such fanciful safaris to an indigenous natural pearl of Africa.


Amazing Facts about the Uganda lion:

Lion Species: Panthera leo
Swahili Name: Simba
Female lions lack manes.
Lion Class: Mammalia
Lion Order: Carnivora
Lion Family: Felidae

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