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The Afro-montane climate of Uganda
Uganda has a relatively gentle and conducive weather conditions and cool climate that travelers admire. Uganda consists of amazing tropical climate, with average temperature of between 16 - 26'C (70-77'F) for most of the months throughout the year (April - November), apart from mountainous areas, that are quite cool. the top of Mount Rwenzori and Elgon are often covered with snow.
The hottest and dry months of the year are December to February. Evenings can feel chilly after extreme hotness during day where temperatures can rise as high as 30'C; while at night, temperatures reduce up to as low as 12 - 16'C.

Uganda's climatic conditions are influenced by various factors;
the major one being wind masses - The Northerlies and North-easterlies which originate from the extreme north, from as far as the Mediterranean and Red seas with a lot of moisture, they later loose their moisture to the wind-ward side of the Ethiopian Highlands as they try to cross over towards the Eastern Africa. These winds later reach the North - East with less or no moisture to form rains, hence creating a semi-arid spell in the Karamoja region and Pokot region of Uganda and Kenya respectively.
However, the South easterlies that pick moisture from Lake Victoria cause wetter weather in the central, thus responsible for equatorial climate in the Buganda and Kampala regions.
Therefore, when planning a safari in Uganda, also take into consideration the region you want to visit, as different regions reflect different seasons; this is one quality that makes Uganda an extremely diverse safari destination.
One other factor that influences the climate of Uganda is vegetation; the vegetation of Uganda is an important factor as well in determining the weather patterns of a specific region; for example the south western region of Uganda, the Kigezi experiences rainy conditions for most of the months in a year; the reason why before going for gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Uganda, one should first find out the appropriate season to go trekking.

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