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Rwanda now part of the East African community is labelled a unique and adorable country. In the east of Africa is a country that boasts of clean serenity. Rich with beautiful soils, nature, vegetation, waters, mountains and fascinating creatures.

Like Uganda,
Rwanda is a landlocked country with heartwarming hearts filled with hospitable gestures towards anybody that finds their way into the "land of a thousand hills". In addition to its admired background, Rwanda in a further unique way is a book in which many stories that anybody wouldn’t want to miss are embedded. Due to the wonderful outlook, and inside beauty of Rwanda, many people make endless visits to this small nation. It has disapproved many whose thoughts are still glued to its past history of have been a home of a genocide by growing from ruins to a country that acknowledges social, political and economic growth. Indeed for so much in Rwanda, you agree with me it’s the cleanest Country in East Africa and Africa as a whole.


Rwanda is one of those countries that changed colonial spearheads. The former colonial power, Germany, lost possession of beautiful Rwanda during the First World War and the territory was then placed under Belgian administration. In the late 1950’s during the great wave of decolonization, tensions increased in Rwanda. The clan system gave bath to disagreement between the momentous Hutu political movement, and the Tutsi. The Hutu had gained from majority rule while part of the Tutsi establishment resisted democratization and the loss of their acquired privileges.
Rwanda In November 1959, had a falling big star when a violent incident sparked a Hutu uprising in which hundreds of Tutsi were killed and thousands displaced and forced to flee to neighboring countries. This marked the start of the so- called ‘Hutu Peasant Revolution’ or ‘social revolution’ lasting from 1959 to 1961, which signified the end of Tutsi domination and the sharpening of ethnic tensions which has lived up to today. Rwanda By 1962, when it gained independence, over 120,000 people, primarily Tutsis, have taken refuge in neighboring states to escape the violence which had accompanied the gradual coming into power of the Hutu community.

The cycle repeated its self as the Tutsi worked their way out to fight back and reclaim their privileges under the then president, Juvenal Habyarimana, who succumbed to more pressure. Countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda etc. got involved by acting as refugee centers and army build up for Rwanda fighters bringing endless fights later OAU and Rwanda Patriotic Front got involved.
The genocide was a superficial blow to the beautiful Rwanda in 1994 but Rwanda stood the taste of time.
Rwanda initially rose to fame in the early 2000s after a turmoil. This made it a point of principle that Rwanda grows into a country in which many now pride to be an African state. Rwanda therefore has had brilliant young educated Africans who are studied and learnt much and from then, Rwanda has had its staunch vehement ruler in the struggle to revamp Rwanda’s social, economic and political stand with the current, headed by the current president of Rwanda- His excellence President Paul Kagame.
Rwanda’s social, economic and political strategies have been laid thus rising Rwanda to fame especially in the Tourism, Sports, Trade and international Relations painting a clean picture about the Rwanda of  a modern society rather Rwanda of the times of the great Genocide that tore it to ruins.
Rwanda occasionally is hailed spectacular for its serenity in keeping its self-clean.
Since 1993, under the new government, the country has been under going a fast and steady development, both economically and politically;  majority of sectors are on a rise now, including tourism.
Rwanda has a magnificent landscape, often dubbed to be the "land of thousand hills"; supporting a variety of  flora and fauna.
Rwanda's Volcanoes national park  is one of the best destinations where a gorilla safari in Rwanda can be undertaken, including wildlife safaris in Akagera national park and amazing nature walks in Nyungwe forest national park. 

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