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Mostly hidden in Uganda’s beautiful corners are her 10 national parks displaying Africa’s best in terms of wildlife. When it comes to nature, Uganda is largely blessed with stunning features both the landscape and the drainage offering the best wildlife safaris in Uganda.
Fortunately, some of the national parks in Uganda are enclosed in the attractive mountain ranges, alluring tropical and montane forests. Even the parks too encircle various attractions like crater lakes, waterfalls, caves so many more.
Each national park in Uganda has different attributes that attract different groups of travelers on Uganda safaris. And the flagship of each park is its unique features and activities that are not easily found in any other place except that park. Also the accessibility, accommodation and other accompanying tourism facilities determine which park to visit and not.
These factors have caused a total imbalance in the number of visitors doing game safaris in Uganda to these parks. Some parks receive even more travelers than their carrying capacity where as some barely receive tourists.
Therefore while on your safari in Uganda, which national parks should you consider first? These are the five most visited national parks and the reasons for their ranking.
Queen Elizabeth national park. This is undeniably the most visited park in Uganda because of its premier wildlife. Located in the southwestern region of the country, Queen Elizabeth Park covers approximately 1978 square kilometers.
The park encompasses diverse ecosystems like the sprawling savanna, humid forests, sparkling lakes, shady and fertile wetlands which form perfect dwellings for over 95 mammal species, 10 primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.
Queen Elizabeth national park also encloses dozens of epic crater lakes in its rolling hills all creating an impossibly amazing scenery that will emotionally catch your sight. A launch cruise at the Kazinga channel exposes tourists to banks lined with hippos, elephants and buffaloes.
The most unique flagship of Queen Elizabeth national park are her tree climbing lions found in the ishasha sector; the most sought species here in the world. Also encounter with various wildlife species like the warthogs, jackals, bushbucks, lions, elephants, hippos, buffalos, antelopes and many others not forgetting the chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge.
Besides the natural part of the park, also the cultural encounters in Queen Elizabeth are extremely awesome. Tourists have many opportunities to meet the local people and also experience the way of life in the local communities.
In terms of distance, the park’s proximity to Uganda’s capital Kampala together with the good connecting roads have made this park the most visited park in Uganda.
Bwindi impenetrable national park is the second most visited park in Uganda. It is popularly known for its ultimate gorilla trekking experiences that cannot be got anywhere else in the whole world.
Positioned at the extreme southwestern border of Uganda and Congo, in the Virunga ranges, Bwindi impenetrable national park homes over 400 mountain gorillas, almost half of the world’s remaining total population of these endangered species and they are the main attractions here. It covers a total land area of 331 square kilometers of both montane and tropical forest harboring over 600 bird species, forest elephant, and reptiles like snakes and other primates like monkeys.  
Visitors on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda also get a chance to encounter with the ancient Batwa pygmies, and explore their way of living. Learn about the ancient local herbs and how they used to hunt with an arrow and bow. A taste of the Batwa’s local cuisine is also guaranteed except to the ones who don’t want to have one.
Unlike other parks, Bwindi’s proximity to Queen Elizabeth national park makes it so easy for travelers to transfer from one park to another, providing a full packaged tour experience. Indeed one can’t fail to have an awesome Uganda tour in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.
Most visitors on wildlife safaris in Uganda, undoubtedly also yearn to explore Murchison Falls national park. This is the largest park in the country with a total space area of 3840 square kilometers sitting on the shores of Lake Albert in the northwest of the country.
This park is popularly known for its focal point; the Murchison falls which is the world’s most powerful waterfall. Water falls about 45 meters down through a gorge to form these fall. The park also has various wildlife species summing to over 70 mammal species and over 300 bird species. Spot the lions, bushbucks, warthogs, jackals, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and many others on a game drive in Murchisonfalls national park.
The cultural encounters especially with the Basongola women group is an experience of its own that all travelers shouldn’t miss. For adventurous tourists, Murchison falls would really be the best recommendation.
Kibale national park comes fourth on the list. This is the true primate capital of Africa with over 300 chimpanzees. Almost 80% of the best chimp trekking in Uganda is done here. Just at the edge of the park there is the Bigodi community which also offers amazing cultural encounters to visitors.
It’s the second closest park to Kampala after Lake Mburo national park, and its strategic position to Bwindi and Queen has increased its number of visitors. Are you a primate lover? Spend only one day trekking the chimps in Kibale national park and you will never face any regrets on your Chimp safari in Uganda.
Lake Mburo national park is the smallest park in Uganda covering only 370 square kilometers. It is conveniently located close to the Kampala highway connecting to the western region of the country. The park’s diverse eco system homes 350 bird species plus impalas, eland, zebra, buffalo, oribi, topi, hyenas, antelopes and other wildlife species.
Lake Mburo is said to be the best place to spot the leopard on night game drives. Visitors in this park also enjoy an amazing launch cruise while viewing the beautiful scenery of the park. For the birders, it’s simply a paradise.
Its convenient location that is very close to Kampala and way between the popular western parks of Queen and Bwindi has positively impacted on the number of its visitors.
If you ever plan a wildlife trip in Uganda, those top five best national parks of Uganda should be on your itinerary for supreme experiences.

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