Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Uganda has one of the most spectacular yet undiscovered wildlife. The beautiful scenery, cosy weather year-round and the hospitable people to make your vacation in Uganda a safari to remember. Putting all that aside, Uganda has such a wealth of attractions that a single visit can never be enough to discover all its hidden wonders. However little is noticed about walking safari. Uganda is understood as a destination gifted with abundant nature, including 10 national parks displaying the best of Africa’s wildlife, and Uganda has proved herself as a best destination for game wildlife safaris across the world. 

Walking safari is a walk amidst the nature, getting off the comfortable 4x4 wheel drive and exploring the nature on foot. It can also be called a game walk, and this is done in all Uganda’s national parks, though the one in Lake Mburo national park remains exceptional.
Lake Mburo national park is located in Western Uganda about 230km from Kampala, making it the closest national park compared to all the national parks in Uganda. The park has a variety of animals such as zebras, impala, buffaloes, hippos and crocodiles, and for the birding enthusiasts, this is almost a haven with over three hundred (300) bird species.
Safari walking exposes the tourists to the nature of the trail providing them with an opportunity to spot the exceptional nature insights. The visitors explore this loop on foot at their own pace accompanied by an armed ranger. It is just to say that the most alluring and unique activity in Lake Mburo National Park is the safari walk as visitors are permitted to walk anywhere in the park's wilderness without confines of the vehicle. This gives tourists the unique opportunity to get out and about and absorb the wonders of the African jungle. Your safari guide will usually identify interesting insects, talk about enchanting plants, and discuss the ecosystem and also sometimes trekking some of the larger animals. It’s a great form to appreciate the tiny wildlife, which can’t be easily seen from a vehicle.
 There are different trails that you can follow during these game walks in Lake Mburo national park. At Rwonyo, this guided walk will lead you to a salt lick where a variety of animals are attracted to the salty rocks. The trail to the western side of the lake begins at 7am and usually takes approximately 2 hours. This early morning walk avails you to encounters with elusive hyenas returning to their dens and hippos returning to the lake. Walks through the woodland allow one to sight forest birds and mammals, and the hike to the top of the hill rewards visitors with an eye catching view of 9 of the region’s 14 lakes. It is such a rare experience to be able to walk in a park amongst the wildlife with a breath of fresh air from the bustle and hustle in Kampala.
However, there are also other breath taking activities to do while in Lake Mburo national park. Birding, launch trips, game drives, sport fishing and horseback safaris can all be done, don’t miss them out. Indeed you have travelled to most of the national parks and seen all the jungle that you ever expected, it is now time to do walking safari in Lake Mburo national park during a Uganda vacation and get an experience that you have never imagined.

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