Friday, 8 September 2017


Front view at Cafe Javas
With Uganda globally developing as an epicenter of unique African Tourism, there is demand to offer more quality services to the tourists that are ever flocking the young nation. Today, Café Javas is opening its doors to the local and international population in the central region of Uganda. It is an exquisite all full time coffee shop and restaurant in the bustle of Kampala city. Café Javas is not only a perfect sanctuary from the scorching heat of the city but a great meeting place.

The hangout offers a great À la carte menu with various signature dishes. With Uganda having agriculture as its backbone and coffee as its main export. Dining at Café Javas starts with their extensive coffee beverages ranging from espresso, cappuccino and latte just got better as it adds value to the great coffee bean. The menu offered constitutes of luscious breakfasts, sterling coffee, fresh oven pastries and mouthwatering meals.
While at Café Javas one can’t go wrong, as the ambiance is just right with perfect detail. Some have gone ahead to describe it as a western restaurant in Africa.  It is no coincidence that when on a tour in Uganda, we recommend this premier hub for your extreme dining experience that will make you feel right at home.
Fine dining at Cafe Javas
The most exceptional aspect of Café Javas is their customer service and everyone is welcomed and attended to within the blink of an eye. In addition to their dining opportunities, the hub offers free high speed Wi-Fi to all visitors all day long. If that is not enough you can also stop by this coffee shop to get a drink as your phone is being charged all at no extra cost.
Today, Café Javas plays host to many parties and the staff is always present to welcome and sing along with you to make it memorable. It is a wonderful moment to see that chef showcase his other talent of singing or drumming just to grant you fantasy wish. This great profile has gained the entity various reviews on TripAdvisor and listing among the top nine coffee houses in Kampala.
Next time you in Kampala and yearn for that perfect getaway, think Café Javas. It offers a great experience while on safari to Uganda that can enjoy during your Kampala tour before and after the fundamental wildlife or culture encounters.

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