Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Are you interested in knowing some of the tourist attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park? Then, you are not far from knowing them. Here are some of the most out standing tourist activities that one may include on their bucket list on their next trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park.  
Game drives and scenic views in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Enjoy a spectacular Uganda Safari experience while in Queen Elizabeth National park, along  the tracks through Kasenyi plains, the amazing Queen’s pavilion,the Kazinga plains and Katwe crater fields and the Ishasha Sector;
It apparently becomes inevitable to have  guaranteed Buffalo, Antelope and Elephant Sightings, Along with Warthogs and baboons that roam the place.

Uganda kobs in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The most successful way to track down a pride of lions, and the odd Leopard is mostly through taking an experienced guide in the early morning at 7am and in the evening at 4pm and the game drive usually lasts between 3 – 4 hours.
Chimp trekking and nature Walk in Kyambura gorge
Kyambura gorge was created by the turbulent waters of the thunderous Kyambura River. The gorge offers a flourishing revering forest which is a home to Chimpanzees, Black -and – White Colobus Monkeys, Lions, Olive Baboons; and more Primates. It is also a home to snakes and many others as well as plenty of forest birds.
The ‘kyambura gorge experience’ is more than just discovering chimpanzees in their natural habitats: it teaches visitors about the ecosystems of kyambura gorge’s atmospheric “underground” rainforest, including vegetation types and stunning views of this curved gorge; bird identification and behavior; chimp and monkey ecology.
Kyambura forest is also home to 3 saline crater lakes. They attract a big number of Flamingoes- not found anywhere.
Chimp permit in Kyambura costs $50 while Kalinzu forest it goes for $40.

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